The Human Milk Bank Foundation was established to promote the idea of sharing natural, tested human breast milk in accordance with WHO/UNICEF recommendations and initiate the establishment of regional breast milk banks.

Thanks to the activities of human breast milk banks, it is possible to feed human milk to children who have been hospitalized for a long time due to illness or premature birth. For these children, human milk is of special therapeutic importance – it even saves life and health!

Feeding children in emergency


see how to effectively support mothers in good feedinge practice of infants and young children in crisis


Information for moms

see benefits of breastfeeding,  how to become a donor and how to obtain milk from a breast milk bank for your child


Scientific research

The Foundation mission is to advance the progress of science, see what scientific projects the Foundation is implementing


Milk banks

Human milk banks ensure that infants in emergency situations receive breast milk. See how the milk bank works in your hospital




EMBA congress

7th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE EUROPEAN MILK BANK ASSOCIATION (EMBA) took place in Mardit on 25th – 27th of October

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dziecko karmione piersią

Become a Foundation Donor

Become a milk donor

Parnters of the Foundation

Our partners help us find sustainable solutions to significant problems and fulfill the Foundation’s mission


Friends of the Foundation

With friends you can do more


Banki mleka w Polsce mapa

Find a milk bank in your area


Human milk banks are located in most provincial cities in Poland. Find the hospital where the bank closest to you is located.

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