Mission Statement of the Foundation

The Human Milk Bank Foundation was established to promote the idea of sharing natural, tested breast milk in accordance with WHO/UNICEF recommendations.

Our mission is to work for the establishment and smooth operation of specialized facilities such as human milk bank and to support projects to promote breastfeeding and human breast milk.

The Human Bank Milk Foundation vision is to provide national equtable access to natural, safe food to all children who need it. The foundation was established in response to the needs of parents whose premature or sick children were deprived of mother’s milk. This was due to remoteness, poor health of the child or mother, death. Over time, it turned out that there are more situations that cause a crisis in the nutrition of infants and young children and require intervention and support. That is why The Human Bank Milk Foundation initiates the creation of regional breast milk banks, educates mothers and medical staff, and creates procedures for feeding children and sharing mother’s milk in a crisis. In this way, every child, including those born unexpectedly or in difficult conditions, gets a chance for health and even life.

The Human Milk Bank Foundation is a member of the European Milk Bank Association (EMBA).

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