Become a Foundation donor

Every drop of milk counts, for more of them we need funds for the Foundation’s operation!

How to support Foundation

Make a donation by a bank transfer

Every donation counts and we hope for your regular or one-time transfer from which we will realize the statutory goals of the Foundation.

International Bank Account Numbers:

PL10 2030 0045 1110 0000 0345 7490

PL82 1600 1462 1023 2506 5000 0005

PL12 1600 1462 1023 2506 5000 0004


Donate 1,5% of your tax, if you’re the polish tax residence

Doing your annual tax return in Poland you can donate 1.5% of your tax to the Human Milk Bank Foundation.

Remember to enter KRS 0000 329 961 number on your tax declaration.

On the site choose KRS 0000 329 961 number from the list.

If you are retired, you can still support the Foundation’s activities with 1.5% of your annual income. Submit your PIT OP to the tax office by April 30 this year, entering our KRS 0000 329 961. You can submit your PIT OP online using the official portal 

By setting up a birthday money collection on Facebook

If you have a Facebook profile, you can set up a collection on your birthday, the funds from which will go to the Foundation. We’ll be pleased if you turn your birthday gift into drops of milk for premature babies.

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